VIP - Very Important People
We are a team of health-centric hospitality, work professionals, small and medium sized business owners that source and supply high quality very innovative products.  VIP Supply has joined forces with manufacturers and suppliers across the globe to re-envision the way people approach problems and provide the VIP (Value Improving Practice) Solution.  We work with individual small business owners as well as organizations and institutions.
 VIP- Value In Partnerships
VIP Supply has a mixed team of various experts (very informed peers) from the tech, hospitality, financing, medical and restaurant industries.  Since 2010 we have provided exceptional services and now look to continue our tradition by addressing our new normal needs (NNN).   With the common goal of the common folk in mind we source and explore products, supplies and services and apply extensive due diligence including final costing to business.  As business owners we know what to look for, and how to best provide solutions so we can all grow together and create a better world.
VIP - Value Increasing Products
VIP Supply is a proud distributor of microSURE products.  microSURE has been through extensive testing and began as a medical grade wound care solution.  It creates a mechanical kill area on most surfaces including skin and is non harmful to humans.  Fight the pandemic, use microSURE, for this reason we name it our newest VIP.  We envision a world where environments and people are coated with microSURE™ to stay safe and reduce germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew.  
We have all been affected by the covid crisis.  At VIP, we have been busy working with PPE manufacturers and providing resources to the institutions that are in need.  Note, VIP Supply will only fill purchase orders for accredited medical or governmental institutions and credit rated buyers on a net pay basis (based on application).  We source, we ship, we deliver.  VIP also provides financing for related transactions and a deal by deal basis.  
For more information, please contact: orders@vipsupplystore.com
As part of our promise to the planet we decided to work towards sustainable products only.  We now supply straws made of vegetables that behave just like the ones you were used to.  No need to sip on a soggy straw, order our plant based straws today.  We can customize them for any business or need.  
For more information on bulk orders please contact: info@vipsupplystore.com