In an effort to halt the spread of COVID and get our students safely back in schools, the federal government has earmarked funds for weekly COVID testing for students, staff, and faculty in US schools for the 2021 school year. With COVID variants cropping up, our tests will detect NEW strains as they emerge, so you can continue to keep your students and staff safe.

This means, at no cost to you, you can test weekly throughout the school year, and receive accurate results within 48 hours using our FDA-approved test kits from USA-based Medical Laboratories.

We are partnering with USA-based Medical Laboratories to help America's Learn force and Workforce enhance health and safety of Very Important People - The VIP Way.

In an effort to halt the spread of COVID and get our personnel safely back in learning establishments throughout our great country, the US federal government has earmarked funds for weekly COVID testing for staff, either full- or part-time, across US hospitality establishments for 2021. This program requires a minimum of 25 team members, including full- or part-time.

The cost of testing is subsidized by a federal government program that works with USA-based Medical Laboratories. This means your educational organization can test weekly and receive accurate results within 24-48 hours from receipt using our FDA-approved test kits from USA-based Medical Laboratories.

Be proactive on your staff's safety and health and help prevent the spread of  COVID further. Setup a weekly testing program today at your organization and protect your organization's students and team members.

Once, you let us know the # of folks (students, athletes, staff) you need tested:

  • We set you up to automatically receive the # of test kits [consisting of: consent form, swab, test vial, specimen bag, shipping label (if applicable)] which you will need weekly (pictured below), and include a prepaid Fedex label to return to our lab. Personnel administering the test are also responsible for up returning the completed and sealed test kits which they collect. 
  • Prepaid FedEx Shipping Labels will be provided for return of specimen / samples to the lab.
    • We provide you with patient consent forms and separate parent consent forms as well, to make the process smooth for you and the families of your students.
    • We provide you with confidential results within 48 hours of receiving your tests at one of our USA-based medical laboratories (we have several around the US, so your tests will go to the lab closest to your location, which makes getting test results faster). 
      • We provide discreet and timely reporting of results to you in a weekly cadence.
      • We can also help provide nurse(s) to administer the weekly tests based on the number of folks being tested routinely at your location. A single nurse can administrate up to 150 tests in a 8-hour shift.
        • Minimum of 25 weekly tests kits (administered to the same patient every week) required collected/submitted per establishment per week.

        We are working hard to make sure we have all the tests you need in stock for the start of school, so pre-ordering NOW before the school year starts is critical to this project’s success.


        Sign up now to secure the tests you need for the entire school year (about 30 weeks). Tests are quick and easy and take less than 5 Minutes to complete properly and can also be administrated by an assigned Nurse or other medical professional, if needed.



          1. Complete the included Medical Laboratory Consent Form.
          2. Swab test your nostrils with included nose swab and then break off. 
          3. Open the Test Vial and save the include cap. This will be required in Step 4. 
          4. Insert the actual swab side holding the specimen into the liquid at the bottom of the include Test Vial. 
          5. Seal swab containing the specimen inside of the Test Vial by using the included cap. 
          6. Place Consent Form and Test Vial all inside included Specimen Bag. 
          7. Insert Specimen Box into the Drop Box or Return to the Nurse or Medical Professional who is administering the test, for further instruction on how to handoff or drop-off the Specimen Bag.